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Current Workshop Offering

Complete Family Services also offers educational services to the public on matters pertaining to healthy family functioning. Because we believe in the necessity of positive self-esteem for life success, we offer classes for children and adolescents with the goal of increasing their social skills and bolstering their emotinoal growth. Offering parenting classes assists us in meeting our goal of strengthening and fortifying the family unit.

Staff Development


We offer business-specific quality staff-development presentations that target the development of individual leadership, managerial skills, and cooperative team-building strategies. We focus upon individual development as well as fostering cohesiveness and a sense of community in the workplace. Our programs are geared toward incorporating unique workplace philosophies with strategic business plans for optimal personal and corporate success. Additionally, we offer in-service educational presentations with the goals of increasing employee and employer effectiveness, corporate productivity as well as effective management of behavior in the workplace.

Social and Emotional Growth for Young Children


By utilizing an art therapy approach, this class teaches 6 concepts: comparing, acceptance, listening, understanding, kindness, and cooperation. Through reading, listening, talking, sharing, creating, and working together, the children learn key elements of social skills and self esteem. "Making friends," "Talking about feelings," and "Working and cooperating together" are just of few of the many topics covered. 

Dr. Corinne Hickson is also the co-author of the Peanut Pie Press series on LIfe Lessons - a series of children's books focusing on the transitions children face in their everyday life.

Social Skills, Self-Control, Self-Esteem


This course focuses on teaching children the inner controls that are necessary for social success. It aims to instill the value of self-discipline, and help children to understand the effect that their behavior has on others. Children need to be able to communicate their thoughts and feelings, so they can understand their needs and motives, instead of acting them out. This group is also designed to help children anticipate consequences, understand how to cope with their anger and frustration, improve communication skills and increase self-affirmations and motivation for personal success.

Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Tolerance, and Respect


This group is designed to help children understand the skills necessary to mediate and resolve conflict. Children will come to understand and utilize the concepts of win/win situations, diversity, social action, cooperation, peace-making, and problem-solving. Additionally, their skills will be put into action through role play, brainstorming, peer mediation, rule evaluation, and family meetings. The course will conclude with self-affirmation work, in which children learn to assert themselves, understand internal conflicts, deal with anger, and explore role models.

Effective Parenting

Effective parenting focuses on the maintenance and preservation of the parent-child relationship. The foundation of this course involves learning mutual respect, an attribute that fosters responsible, balanced, healthy children. Parents will learn how to identify what motivates and maintains misbehavior, effective communication and listening skills, limit setting, and problem solving. When consistently put into action, these tools can assist parents in promoting structure and effectiveness within their family and healthy self-esteem in their children. An additional asset of this course is the focus on parental self-care through the administration of clinical measures used to assess and give feedback regarding parental strengths and difficulties.


We offer a variety of workshops designed to assist individuals and families in their various life transitions.

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