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Assessments and Treatments

Our services extend to meet the special needs of families in transition or in crisis.


Utilizing the latest in cutting-edge assessment and treatment techniques, we assist individuals in overcoming the obstacles impeding their academic, vocational, and social success.

Complete Family Services provides a comprehensive test battery to assess academic and/or emotional functionoing for children, teenagers and adults. Extensive research and collaboration with outside clinical and medical experts allows us to tailor assessment procedures to meet the unique developmental needs of each individual. 

All assessment measures are used to facilitiate diagnostic impressions. The primary goal of the assessments is to define and address the underlying causes responsible for the symptoms, thereby delineating specific treatment plans under the direction of a licensed family therapist.

Content Areas for Assessment Include:

  • Cognitive ability 

  • Achievement 

  • Visual and auditory processing 

  • Fine and gross motor skills 

  • Language development

  • Attention 

  • Memory 

  • Sensory integration 

  • Personality 

  • Behavioral and emotional functioning

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Complete Family Services offers a variety of treatments tailored to each individual. The practice addresses four distinct areas of service including:

  1. Personality and Emotional Functioning
  2. Neuropsychological and Neurophysiological Functioning
  3. Learning and Educational Processes
  4. Child Forensic Services

Psychotherapy - Sensory Integration Training

Individual therapy is aimed at assisting each family member to 

  1. Identify and overcome personal obstacles

  2. Increase self-awareness and personal responsibility in order to live consciously and fully

  3. Develop confidence and the necessary skills for creative self-expression and the  achievement of personal success

The Learning Gym is an individualized and systemic sensory integration program for training learning abilities. The Gym integrates the sensory systems such as visual and auditory processing, balance, body awareness and touch to the degree necessary for processing instructional information. 

Through years of research based on the Structure of Intellect theory, the Gym improves learning abilities by developing the perceptual and motor skills that are necessary to properly integrate instruction.

The Learning Gym reduces compensation for weaknesses by isolating and strengthening the underpinnings of learning and processing deficits.

Fast ForWord is a computer-based training program that uses revolutionary neuroscience principles to build skills necessary for critical success in school and all aspects of life.

The program rapidly and dramatically develops language and reading skills, by strengthening phonological awareness, working memory, processing speed, semantics, syntax, grammar, language and reading comprehension. 

Based on 25 years of brain research, FastForWord's patented technology adapts to each student's progress, and continually cross-trains critical skills to improve thinking, listening, following directions, and attention.

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