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Specializing in the comprehensive treatment of children, adolescent, adults and families

Helping your family achieve

their highest potential

Meet Dr. Corinne Hickson

Ph. D.,  Clinical Psychologist


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Licensed Clinical Psychologist • PSY17257

B.A., Fine Arts B.A., Psychology & Social Behavior

M.S., Clinical Psychology Ph. D., Clinical Psychology

  • Certified Divorce Mediator

  • Member of Academy of Family Mediators

  • Certified in Domestic Violence Training for Family Court Professionals

  • Certified Fast ForWord Provider

  • Certified in Thought Field Therapy

  • Co-Author of book chapter in The Handbook of Juvenile Forensic Psychology

Dr. Hickson is an award-winning licensed psychologist who specializes in the area of child and adolescent assessment and treatment. She has extensive experience conducting psycho-educational and emotional evaluations with an emphasis on learning disabilities, neurological impairments, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, pervasive developmental issues, and mood disorders.

She is the Founder and CEO of Complete Family Services, Inc. Dr. Hickson, is also co-founder of Peanut Pie Press, a team of medical professionals and creative talents authoring a series of children's books that focuses on the healthy emotional transitions that children face each day.

Dr. Hickson is a certified divorce mediator and a court appointed child-custody evaluator.

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Selected Services We Offer For Our Clients

Our team is committed to your family's quest for healing and positive change.

Social and Emotional Growth for Young Children Workshop

6 concepts to aid

your child's healthy 

development of self esteem: reading, listening, talking, sharing, creating and

working together.

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Effective Parenting


Ensuring a healthy

parent-child relationship through the practice of mutual respect. Learn the drivers of your child's behaviors and promote self esteem in your children.

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Custody Evaluations

Data-driven custody evaluations geared toward protecting the child's best interests and ensuring the best chance for sound mental development.

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Fast ForWord


Computer-based training based on brain research proven to help build the skills that are necessary for critical success in school and in all aspects of life.

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Complete Family Services is committed to your family's quest for healing and positive change. Our premise is fueled by our confidence and belief in each and every individual.

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Working with Dr. Hickson has saved my life in more ways than one. I have never felt as seen, as safe, or as heard as I do with her during our sessions. The empathy, intellect, and grace she brings to her work is unparalleled, and is helping me heal not only parts of myself that I did not think were possible to heal, but parts of myself that I didn’t know needed healing. Our work together makes me a better human being and has enabled me to show up for the people that I love in even the most difficult of situations, and most importantly, to show up for myself.

- Rolling Hills Estates   
January 2022

I have been working with Dr. Corie for almost 10 years and has been one of the best mentors I have ever had. She worked with me throughout high school and college and continues to work with me as I navigate the world of young adulthood. 

- Rancho Palos Verdes
  Feb. 2018

Complete Family Services was able to keep my family communicating and stabilized during and in the aftermath of a messy and vindictive divorce process. I shudder to think what would have happened to my daughters and I without the help of Complete Family Services.

- Rancho Palos Verdes    July 2021

No matter what I may be feeling that day, Dr. Hickson meets me at my level and adjusts our session accordingly so I always get the most out of our time. She has helped me develop tools to combat my anxiety and/or depressive moments, tools that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

- Rolling Hills 

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