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Specializing in the comprehensive

treatment of children, adolescents,

adults and families.

About Our Practice

At Complete Family Services, we provide intensive psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults ­ separately and within groups. By using psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral techniques, we facilitate vigorous intra and inter-personal growth. Whether your family is intact, blended or post-divorce, our objective is to realign it with its highest potential ­ that of providing a nurturing environment to springboard balanced and thriving individuals.


Our services extend to meet the special needs

of families in transition or in crisis.

For Our Children

For Our Teens

For Our Adults

For Our Families

  • We promote the fundamental right of a child to be safe.

  • We believe in the spirit of each child.

  • We believe each child is entitled to respect and nurturing.

  • We believe in the maintenance of a child's innocence.

  • We believe each adolescent possesses a unique identity.

  • We believe each adolescent deserves supported autonomy.

  • We believe each adolescent possesses a voice that has the right to be heard.

  • We believe that mutual respect is the vital tool for shaping responsible actions.

  • We believe each adult deserves to reach his or her fullest potential.

  • We believe that inter-connectedness is necessary for true potentiality.

  • We belive that individuals have the right to be recognized for their contributions.

  • We believe light-heartedness is essential for well-being.

  • We believe in the celebration of diversity and equality within families.

  • We believe families can be resilient and unified in the face of adversity.

  • We believe that families set the foundation for optimal living.

  • We believe in the evolution of families through desire, commitment and action.

What We Believe...

The Services We Offer

• Psychodynamic and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

• Psycho-Educational and Personality Assessment

• Fast ForWord

• Learning Gym

• Effective Parenting Classes

• Workshops for Children

• Divorce Mediation

• Child-Custody Evaluations

• Adjunctive Psychiatric and

  Tutorial Services